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UpMail Nominated for HITEC Amsterdam Entrepreneur 20X Award

UpMail proves that providing great product and service never goes unrewarded! We’ve been nominated for the prestigious Entrepreneur 20X Award, joining the ranks of other trailblazing startups in hospitality technology! UpMail Attends HITEC Amsterdam The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is the world’s largest (and oldest) hospitality technology event produced by US-based Hospitality [...]

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Is your hotel sales team running fast enough?

As sales acceleration technologies become increasingly mainstream, simpler to use and more effective, sales teams are embracing the power of tech like never before. “As always, sales was the last to figure out the power of new technology offered by computing and the Internet, but arguably sales is once again the most impactful influence on [...]

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Six tips to follow-up like a pro after a trade show

Trade shows are an amazing opportunity to make contacts, generate leads and spark conversations, but the real business is often done in the weeks following the event. If you want to get the most out of your investment and effort participating at any trade show and not miss your chance to close deals, you need to follow [...]

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Customer Story: Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel, London UK

Each month, we'll share a story with you about how hospitality sales teams around the world are using UpMail to increase their efficiency and accelerate sales.   Sarah Snowball, Diary Manager for The Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel and One Whitehall Place, talks about her experience using UpMail. We recently caught up with Sarah Snowball, the [...]

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It’s all about Content – Don’t be afraid to use it.

Content converts lookers to buyers. Here’s why you should stop being afraid of it and start using it now. It’s perhaps the most powerful tool in your sales quiver, yet is your sales team afraid to use content in their email communication? If your team is content to not use content to its full potential, [...]

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Five differences between sales and marketing that are reduced by sales acceleration tehchnologies

I love doing lists. All kinds of lists: I write lists for grocery shopping and event invites. I list things I need to get done as well as all the celebrities I would like to date, etc. etc. So, naturally, for my very first blog post I chose to make a list of the top [...]

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The three keys to unlocking sales acceleration in the hospitality sector

Sales acceleration technologies are all about increasing the velocity of sales. In the hospitality sector we want to move prospects from initial query to a contract signature as quickly as we can. However doing this is not a question of any trick or sales technique. It’s about embracing tools and technologies into the sales team [...]

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Why smart hotels know that brand consistency sells

Successful hotels and hotel chains are marked out but an ability to provide consistency in service to guests at all points where there is interaction. This is only achieved through strong brand values, a commitment to training but also in providing the right tools to staff to be able to do their job. In my [...]

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How to make more sales by weaving the power of your hotel’s brand into every email

The hospitality industry is one of the largest spenders on brand all the way through from advertising to the signage through to the design of the room. And little wonder as a key study from Cornell University showed that a strong brand can impact the value of a hotel and its chain by up to [...]

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Alliance Pornic Increases Revenue 13% with UpMail [case study]

Background The Alliance Pornic Hotel, part of Alliance Hospitality Group, is a luxury resort in Bretagne, France offering a range of spa treatments including Thalasso therapy. Alliance Pornic, wanted to improve email communications with a focus on branding, productivity, and increasing revenue. It was key for Alliance Pornic that their emails were sent out with [...]

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How the UK hospitality industry is using sales acceleration technology to exceed sales revenue targets

What is sales acceleration technology? If you are yet to hear about sales acceleration technology then take note, at least some of your competitors are almost certainly using it already. Whether your company and your sales department is small or large, you will need to implement some sort of sales acceleration technology in order to [...]

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9 steps to increase the performance and productivity of your hotel sales team

1. Streamline sales and marketing Sales people and marketers are usually quite different types of people and it’s important to bring them together and make the best of what each of them has to offer. Marketers should ensure that any collateral being used by the sales team is on brand and correct - from the [...]

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The importance of visual content

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How your marketing team should be supporting your sales communications

Sometimes marketing and sales teams can fall into a vicious and unproductive cycle. Marketing will get frustrated with sales for sending off-brand communications, using bad imagery and the wrong tone of voice and for demanding collateral without first deciding how they will use it. Sales teams want marketing to provide them with a wide variety [...]

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Life before UpMail

Here is an example of how a simple email can be improved with UpMail.   It's faster to compose the emails and find information and documents. You will increase the engagement with your client with recomended content.

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